Requirement to propose: 100,000 (10%) ATVGovernor tokens.

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About Voting

ATVGovernor Token is an ERC-20 governance token, which means it gives its holders special voting rights. ATVGovernor holders can propose and vote on any AnimalTV decision.

Token holders with 100,000 (10%) ATVGovernor tokens can create a new proposal. Anyone with ATVGovernor tokens can vote.

Before a proposal is put to a vote, it is discussed through AnimalTV’s official governance forum. All proposals and changes must be written as smart contract code and shared with the community before being voted on. That way, when a change is proposed, there is no ambiguity about what will happen if the change is implemented. This process also gives the community a chance to analyze and review the proposed changes.

Under this system, governance is there are 3 options to voters: For, Against, and Abstain, and where only For and Abstain votes are counted towards quorum needing 51% to pass a proposal.

Voting Stages

Stage 1 – Discussion in Forum
Stage 2 – Porpoal published to Voting Contract
Stage 3 – Posted for review for 1 week
Stage4 – Live voting for 1 week
Stage 5 – Posted result