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AnimalToken and AnimalTV

Other Animal Entertainment Inc. is a Canadian film and TV company building a global blockchain Web3 Video-on-Demand streaming platform. The AnimalToken is the utility token in the AnimalTV.me ecosystem. It is a fully minted ECR-20 Token with a hard cap of 100 million and it cannot be burned. AnimalTV uses smart-contracts to incorporated the AnimalToken. 

The AnimalToken is used to pay Copyright Holders with Proof of Play (PoP) records. It can purchase items in the Animal Market and rewards site users (Viewers and Subscribers). Additionally, it is also used as a rewards token with lockups, free airdrops, and promotional releases for our community.

AnimalTV Screens
AnimalTV Screens

AnimalWallet and User Data

AnimalWallet provides website security and anonymity

When a user signs up as a Viewer or Subscriber, an AnimalWallet is generated. When logged on to the AnimalTV site the AnimalWallet processes all transactions and stores viewer or subscriber data.

AnimalWallet gives control over data interactions within AnimalTV. As soon as Viewers or Subscribers disconnect from the AnimalTV site, so does their data.

Using ‘private key’ or ‘seed phrase’ the AnimalWallet protects the user’s AnimalTokens, NFTs, digital assets, and data. AnimalTokens can be transferred to any third-party ERC20 wallet.

Visitors, Viewers and Subscribers

Viewers and Subscribers earn AnimalTokens by signing up, viewing commercials and when referrals sign up. Site Visitors, Viewers and Subscribers can use $Animal within Animal TV ecosystems for various services like exclusive screenings, NFTs, official merchandise and AnimalFest tickets.

  • Monthly Airdrops
  • Commercial Bonus
  • Referral Tokens
  • Buy and Sell NFTs
  • Official Merchandise
  • Private Screenings
AnimalTV Site

Copyright Holders

AnimalTV Devices BG

Copyright Holders gain access to worldwide viewers, selling merchandise / NFTs / digital content in the Animal Marketplace, viewing data / reports, exclusive screening and marketing campaigns. The Digital Rights Management Portal is a multifaceted content distribution platform that gives an easy-to-use ‘no coding’ experience for protecting intellectual property rights.

  • NFT & Merchandise Sales
  • Exclusive Screenings
  • Viewership Reports
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Country & Regional Selection
  • Pay of Play

Token Offering

Whitelisting for the public sale is TBA. The following address is for the AnimalToken contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To purchase, use the Buy link below.


Contract Address: 0xf17b3e52EdAA40e288d2865e9Fd3D4B386804bDc

Start: TBA Date/Time (EST)
Hard cap: $15m
Soft cap: $5m
Token: AnimalToken
Exchange rate: 1 USDC = 2 Animal
Project protocol: ERC20

Token Lockup Airdrops

Start: To Be Announced
30 Days: 8% APY
60 Days: 15% APY
90 Days: 20% APY
Early Withdraw Penalty: 0% APY
Early Withdraw Cool Off: 7 Days

AnimalTV will be offering token airdrop bonuses for early adopters and token holders in the form of lockup airdrop rewards. These rewards are based on a yearly APY % similar to staking.

Token Breakdown

There are 100,000,000 minted AnimalTokens. This is the maximum number of tokens and all have been minted. Distribution of the AnimalToken:

30% Public Sale

10% Rewards & Promotions

15% AnimalTV Reserve

15% Founders

10% Exchange & Swap

10% Team & Advisors

10% Private Funding

Road MapBuilding a global blockchain Web3 Video-on-Demand streaming platform.

Stage 1

Completed – Contract Audit

In Progress – Smart Contracts Development

  1. Founder Vesting Contract
  2. Private Funding Vesting Contract
  3. Public Staking lockups APY %

Stage 2

In Progress – Open Private Sales to Accredited Investors

Deploy Smart Contracts

  1. Founder Vesting Lockup 5 years
  2. Private Funding Vesting Lockup 5 years
  3. Public Staking lockups

Stage 3

Exchange Listing Announcement and Awareness Campaign

Development & Smart Contracts

  1. Animal Wallet
  2. D.R.M.P. Interface
  3. AnimalTV Backend

Stage 4

Public Sale Announcement – IDO Date TBA

Advertising and Marketing

  1. Awareness Campaign
  2. Community Airdrops
  3. Swap Listing & LP lockup

Team Members

Coming Soon

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AnimalTV is Hiring

Job listings will be posted here

AnimalTV is only accepting resumes sent through the link below for listed positions.

Audit Certificate


AnimalToken Corporate Whitelisting, please email us below.

AnimalToken will post a Whitelising link for the Public Sale Date TBA.